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Lont-Term Athlete Development for parents

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Ce site a pour but de faciliter la tâche aux athlètes quand vient le temps de faire les bons choix de repas au restaurant, lors des transports ou à l’hôtel, bref, loin d'une cuisine. Simple et accessible à tous, cet outil est une première étape pour conscientiser les athlètes à une alimentation saine et créer un intérêt à s'éduquer sur le sujet. Vous pourrez consulter les menus des 20 restaurants sélectionnés en Amérique du Nord. Une trousse de dépannage est également disponible avec des conseils de collations.
Bon appétit... et bonnes performances!



Lont-Term Athlete Development for parentsIn Canadian sport, experts have identified seven stages of development, each with its own physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive characteristics. This is our Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, and it’s the basis for the optimal training and competition kids need to enjoy sport the most and perform their best.

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Kid - NutritionGood nutrition is important for everyone, especially young athletes. Offering snacks as a part of sport participation can help:
• Top-up the fuel needed by muscles – before sports and after;
• Reduce hunger;
• Celebrate a game;
• Model food choices that complement healthy exercise and good sportsmanship.

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 LogoCompetition Nutrition

You've been training hard, you're mentally ready, your equipment is tuned-up, and you have one last item to think about – what are you going to eat on your competition day?

For most athletes their day-to-day training diet should be similar to their day of competing, however, there can be challenges when it comes to competition nutrition.


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We often hear athletes declare that they’re hungry. For some it could be hourly, while for others it’s only close to meal times. Because athletes typically have more muscle mass than inactive individuals, they tend to have a high metabolism, which causes them to need more calories and to be hungry often. This is where snacks come in.


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Sleep, recovery and human performance

Canadian Sport Institute logoA comprehensive strategy for long-term athlete development


Post-exercise recovery and regeneration (PERR) is as important as the training regimen to the complex adaptive process of increasing athletic performance. The foundation of PERR is sleep. Sleep constitutes the passive recovery, regeneration and rest process.


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